Monday, September 19, 2005

The twins are home at last. Avery arrived home on Tuesday September 6, 2005 weighing 5lbs. 9oz. and Olivia on Thursday September 15, 2005 weighing 5lbs. 4oz. Olivia and Avery were reunited on the exact day that they were expected to be be born.

Having Avery home a whole week before Olivia came home gave us a chance to feel parenthood for the first time, but nothing could prepare us for the sleepless nights that lie ahead once Olivia arrived home. Avery has been feeding very well and gaining weight each day. Olivia has also been gaining weight every day but she is having difficulty with her feeds. In a week or so we should see dramatic improvements.

Olivia had her first doctors appointment today with Dr. Arani and she checked out fine. She has gained 3oz. in four days and they are both scheduled for another check up on the 26th. We'll keep everyone posted on their progress.

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