Sunday, August 20, 2006

This weekend we took a road trip to Pittsburgh for the girl's cousin Logan's, baptism. We weren't sure what we were in for but as it turned out the girl's did really well. They fussed a little on the way up, and a little on the way back. But once we got there they had a great time. They got a chance to visit with all their American Aunt's, Uncle's, cousin's, and they spent some time with their Baba too.
The girl's had lots of fun playing with their cousin Ryan and Brianna, as well as the other children at Logan's party. It was great to see everyone, hope we see you all soon.
Logan's Baptism

Tracey & Brianna
Little sweetheart Nicholas
Spending time with Baba, Uncle Joe & Aunt Connie
Play time!!!

Relaxing at the party
Hanging out with Uncle Joe, Kristin & Bailey

Having lunch at McDonald's

Olivia & Avery watching Barney during the ride home.

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Anonymous said...

Grandma Schiller

Hi girls, you look like you were having a great time going to Pittsburg with Mommy and Daddy. Your very first long ride in the car. You looked like you loved watching your video in the car. I can't wait to see you very soon. I miss you both and I love you so very much. Stop growing up so fast. Lot's of hugs and kisses my little "sweeties".