Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yesterday we took the girl's over to the park since it was such a beautiful fall day. While at the park, we decided we would go home, put the girl's in the car and set out to find them a pumkin.We all headed over to Hutchinson's farm. The girl's had their first touch of hay there and a real pumkin. After that we headed home. On our way home we came across a farm selling fresh eggs, so we decided to stop and give them a try. At this farm they had so many different animals. The girl's had their first horse ride. Avery was a bit unsure at first, but once she saw that her sister had no fear she was all for it. Olivia even gave the horse a pat on his nose.After the horse ride, the man took us down to his barn to meet his 1500 pound pig named "Art". We also saw some Deer, chicken's and a Lama.
For having absolutly no plans today it sure turned out to be a busy one.
Playing at the park
Playing in the grass

So many pumkins

Wagon ride with the pumkins

Playing in the hay
First horseback ride

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