Monday, November 06, 2006

This weekend we decided we would paint our house. It was a little difficult at times with the girl's, they wanted to join in on the fun.

When they woke up from their afternoon nap and discovered the ladder in the kitchen, right away they wanted to climb. Lately all they want to do is climb everything. Including the stairs! Over the past couple of days, Olivia has figured out how to climb up on the sofa. Which means I have to keep an eye on her even more.

Avery is standing by herself all the time now, and will take about two steps towards us. Olivia just starting to stand on her own. It's very cute because whenever she is standing, it doesn't last very long, she thinks it's so funny that she falls over. She also just started taking about two steps. We figure by Christmas these two will be all over the house.

Not to worry everyone, although it doesn't seem like it by these photos, Brian was very close by while I took these pictures. We also helped the girl's up on the ladder.

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