Sunday, January 14, 2007

This afternoon I packed Olivia up and headed over to the walk in clinic. Last night while we were getting her ready for bed, we noticed some little red spots on her chest. I hate the walk in clinics because usually you end up waiting forever. But today we were home within an hour of going there. Olivia's new diagnosis.... Infection in her throat and the doctor noticed that her eye was a little weepy. So now we are on antibiotics for her throat and eye, along with drops for both eyes. I feel so bad for her, she tries to play with her toys, but she's so worn out from being sick that she drops to the floor and lay's there. The good news is the fever is finally gone, and Avery is still o.k.
But then again tomorrow is a different day.

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Shannon said...

Oh I sure hope that Olivia is feeling better soon! I can't believe all of the nasty stuff that is going around this year so far! Ashton has had a few bugs and I'll tell you I don't know how those germs make their way into our houses!! I always wonder how too when we are soooo careful! Frustrating, but I hope she gets past this without being admitted..too many people in the hospital right now with so many bugs..