Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today I took a nice break from packing and making a million phone calls for our upcoming move.
The girl's and I headed over to Angela & Elizabeth's for a great play date. It was the perfect day to get out of the house. The sun was shining and the temperature felt as if spring was just around the corner.

Angela brought out Elizabeth's water table, some colored snow, and a few shovels. Well I think the only type of description needed is FUN! All three of them had a blast playing in the snow. Once they had enough of that we moved on to some play-doh and dress-up.

The three of them also had a great time playing on Elizabeth's slide.
Hmmm... I'm wondering how to convince Daddy to get one of those.


Anonymous said...

Great pics of the girls. Elizabeth loves playing with Avery and Olivia, they played so well together, no-one cried or even fussed. We love having playdates with the girls, we are going to miss you when you move. We will visit of course we'll have to check out your new pad.

Shannon said...

Very cute pictures!

Convince daddy to get a slide eh? Hmmm how about just going and getting one and let him see how much they enjoy it? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, It looks like everyone is having so much fun playing at Elizabeth's house. I hope that Mommy and Daddy will buy you girls a slide just like that, but that you are very careful playing on it. WOW - I cannot believe that February is almost gone and that soon you will be moving into your new house and having so much fun with all of the new exploring. Grandma and Grandpa miss you both a lot. It looks like Grandpa will get to see you both very soon again. He has a Board of Directors meeting on the 8th of March and cannot get back here until the 11th due to March break. I am so jealous!!!!!! We love you all and be good. Keep them coming on the blog Mommy and Daddy.


Lisa said...

The three of them could be triplets. They looks so cute together.

It's fun to take them to someone else's house where they have different toys. The only downfall is when they don't want to leave because they're having such a good time!