Thursday, May 03, 2007

Today we had a play date with our old roomies from Pod D & E, Meredith & Courtney. The last time we had all seen each other was last June at the annual McPera picnic that McMaster puts on every year for all the preemie graduates.
Meredith & Courtney are identical twins. The only way I could tell them apart today was because Courtney is a little smaller than her sister Meredith.
Angela & I were both amazed at how many things the girl's had in common. Courtney & Olivia are much smaller than their sisters and much more sociable. While Meredith & Avery are much bigger than their sisters and very shy.
The four of them all got along great! Olivia & Avery had so much fun that they passed out in the car within 5 minutes of us pulling out of the driveway.
Despite Courtney & Meredith's early arrival and long hospital stay, they are both happy, healthy, and very beautiful little miracle's.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Thanks for the great visit yesterday! I've never seen my girls on a blog - how exciting! We definitely have to get the 4 little princesses together again soon. Take care,

Growing Your Baby said...

OMG! I got chills when I saw Meridith, I think about her all of the time.

We never got to meet her sister because she was at home by the time Cole was born.

She spent a lot of time visiting the babies in pod d and we saw her all of the time in the stroller.

The four of them look so cute together.

It is good to see that they are doing well also.