Wednesday, June 27, 2007


First things first.... Like I once said, sedatives do not work on children, and there is nothing worse than having to hold down your child to let some stranger hurt them.
This past Monday Avery had her Kidney test at the hospital to check for reflux. I had expected her to fuss a little because I was told it wasn't too bad of a procedure, she just might be a little uncomfortable while the catheter is being placed but not too worry too much because she will be sedated.


It was a complete nightmare for both of us! It got so bad at one point that I told the nurse that if they didn't hurry up and get the x-rays they needed of her bladder & kidney's that I was going to put an end to it. Thankfully enough it ended soon after.
When did the sedative kick in? When I put her in the car. She turned into a zombie for about 10minutes, then passed out.
The good news is I got a call from the Pediatrician this morning with the results...NO REFLUX YAY!!
But as of this afternoon both girl's have developed a head cold. If it's not one thing it's another!


Lisa said...

You are braver than me...

I am the mommy who puts of immunizations until the last possible moment because my son HATES them so much. The last time it took 15 minutes to calm him down afterwards.

It's good that you got good news after all of that hassle.

Let's hope it's clear sailing from here.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they wait for the sedative to kick in? I hope Avery is feeling better today.


Shannon said...

Shannon, I am sorry that things didn't go as they should. I know the feeling and I am just happy that it is over!

I hope the girls are better soon because Ashton would love to come swimming with them!

Anonymous said...

Grandma is so very sorry for you "Honey" in that the procedure was very painful for you. What was the point in them giving Mommy and Daddy the prescription and telling them to give it to you before you left for the hospital if it wasn't going to work. I'm so glad that the outcome was on a very positive note. Love to you all. Can't wait to see you all very soon.

Love Grandma and Grandpa.

Billie said...

Yuck, I hear you. There is NOTHING worse than having to hold them down. I am glad to hear there is NO reflux. That's great news!

I totally LOVE the bottom pic of the girls with the hose. They are too cute:)

Lisa Leonard said...

I hate the reflux tests! They should be called torture tests. So glad the results were good! Hope the girls kick this cold quickly! xoxo