Sunday, August 19, 2007


Two year's ago today, I was excited, nervous and had a lot of anxiety because as the girl's were now around the 3lbs mark and it was time for them to start to learn the suck and swallow technique. They were both doing really well with their breathing, only needing to be on a little oxygen at this point so it was time to start preparing them for their homecoming. I always said from the start I would breastfeed, and from all the reading I had done, I wasn't planning on it being easy. Every article I read reminded new mother's of the importance of it as well as the difficulties they may have. What I didn't plan on was how difficult a time emotionally I would have gearing up for the moment when I would actually get to bond with my children like all mother's do. I was so nervous the girl's wouldn't latch or that they just wouldn't be physically ready. Which would mean we were not going to get to go home anytime soon.

Avery was such a trooper right from the start ,she caught on almost instantly so I was able to alternate breastfeeding and gavage feeding's with her. Olivia on the other hand was not so easy. I called her my "lazy baby". She preferred to sleep and be gavage feed rather then breastfed. I remember getting so frustrated at times because I knew that if she didn't catch on, Avery would be coming home and Olivia would have to stay in hospital.

This was also really stressful on me because Avery had tested positive for the Psedomonas bacteria and Olivia tested negative. Which meant that in between feedings I had to drive back to Oakville, shower then drive back to Hamilton to make it in time for Olivia's next feed. A lot of driving and a lot of showers!

During this time I was also putting together the girl's birth announcement for the newspaper. I figured we had waited long enough, things were heading in the right direction so now was the time to share with everyone we knew and the rest of the City the birth of our two precious girl's.

This is what the announcement said....

Barcic/Schiller- Brian and Shannon Barcic are proud to announce the safe arrival of their precious twin girl's.

Olivia Donna & Avery Ana
On June 15th 2005 at 7:06 & 7:07a.m. weighing 850grams & 907grams

Olivia and Avery are the first addition of grandchildren to Matt & Ana Barcic and the latest addition to John & Donna Schiller.

A special thanks to both our families for all their support. Many thanks to the staff at McMaster Hospital for all their hard work. Especially the girl's primary nurse Janice, who has shown sincere compassion from the day the girl's arrived.
"Thank you Auntie Janice"

To Brian my husband, best friend and sole mate, in all the panic you were amazing. You are my rock. The tears you shed when our girl's were born made me fall in love with you all over again.

You are the greatest husband, and will be the perfect father. Our girl's are so lucky to have you as their dad.

Cheers to us, and our beautiful daughters.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tears, Shannon!


Anonymous said...

What a trip down memory lane (including tears)! Those pictures are amazing reminders of how far the girls have come, as if their daily accomplishments aren't reminder enough! Two years ago today, we'd had Courtney home for 9 days, and little did we know Meredith would spend two and a half more months in the NICU. The birth notice is lovely... I couldn't bring myself to put one in the paper when they were born, so we put in a First Birthday announcement with the girls' baptism picture. Keep up the great posts, Shannon!


BusyLizzyMom said...

Your birth announcement was so sweet. We never did a birth announcement either. I was never
prepared for how difficult nursing was and if it wasn't for Janice I don't know if I would have been able to do it. It's funny that something so natural is so difficult, especially with them being so little and not as strong. I will never forget the first time Janice helped Elizabeth latch on, I came home and told Ivan that I just had my boob pinched by Janice, if I wasn't sitting in the recliner I would have fallen over from embarassment. Oh the things we do for our girls, it does pay off as they are all doing so well.

Grandma Schiller said...

Oh my Gosh - Kodo's to Vikie - thanks for the tears!!!!! How lucky we are to have these special little Angels in our lives. I could eat them both right up. Thank you Brian and Shannon for giving us these two little "Miracles". They are both so amazing. Love to all of you forever.
MOM (Grandma Schiller)

tbonegrl said...

That brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing!