Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Kellars Mommy said...

They are so cute!!! And man a cookie sounds good right about now, Kellar and I had chocolate donuts, like I really needed them...The things we do for our kiddos...yea right I probably wanted them more than he did..

BusyLizzyMom said...

Too sweet. They will have such an amazing relationship growing up as twin sisters. I am envious, Elizabeth needs a sibling.

Vickie said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls,
We had a great time with you yesterday with Mommy and Daddy at our house. Hopefully the next time we visit the weather will be a little more co-operative for us, especially for blowing bubbles. I had so much fun dancing with the two of you in your very own toy room. Grandma and Grandpa and Abbey look forward to seeing you both and Mommy and Daddy very soon.

All our love, hugs and kisses,

Grandma, Grandpa and Abbey

Shannon said...

So cute! I love their shirts! :)

Jodi said...

Your girls are adorable. I always enjoy reading about them. So glad that you were able to get away on a much-deserved vacation.

Laura said...

Those are beautiful pics of the girls. I love watching them grow up. I hope someday I have the privledge of raising little ones of my own.

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tbonegrl said...

I can't get enough pics of your girls! They are too cute!