Friday, June 30, 2006

McPera Picnic
On Saturday June 24th we attended McMaster Children's Hospital annual picnic. The hospital holds this picnic every year in honor of all the preemie graduates. It was so great to see all the parent's we had become friends with during the girl's stay there. It was also great to see how amazing all the preemies are. We also met up with some of the nurses who looked after Olivia & avery as well as the girl's doctor's. All were amazed at how well the twins were doing. They just could not believe how big they were.
The girl's also had a great time seeing so many different faces and getting a hug from "Sleepy" the big bear.
We had so much fun, that we can't wait for next year's picnic!!!
The babies below were 24 weekers, now look at them. They are all truly miracles.


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