Saturday, July 01, 2006

I thought these pictures were just adorable!! Olivia & Avery have become very fond of eachother lately. When we are out for a walk in their side by side stroller they now look at eachother and laugh, they also hold hands on occasion and play footsies with eachother. Their favorite thing to do is hold on to eachother and laugh or scream when they are on the floor. They are also talking to us every chance they get. So far their vocabulary consists of Ba, ba, mama and the occasional dada. They have the greatest personalities, very happy girl's. The girl's are almost crawling, I think a couple of more weeks and our lives will change again. Avery can now sit up on her own, Olivia still needs a bit of help but she's almost there. I can finally update everyone on the twin's weight Avery weighed in at 17lbs & Olivia 15lbs. They both have their two bottom teeth, so I'm sure the top one's are soon to arrive. All the more to bite us with!!


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Lisa said...

Olivia and Avery are beautiful!! It was only a matter of time before they realized who their best friends were. It is so good to see how far they have come. Cole would love to have a play date when you move to guelph. Email us anytime!! brian, lisa and cole