Sunday, December 17, 2006


The girl's love to listen to music. Any time a song plays on one of their toy's, or even if we sing a song to them they instantly will start to dance. While I was changing Olivia, Brian had Avery in the other room listening to his music collection from the computer. You can't tell from the picture's but she's bopping away to the music.

Brian is also a musician. His band mainly plays weddings. So I'm wondering if little miss Avery has picked up the musical talent from her dad.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Avery - you look like a Pro sitting there in the Director's seat. You are still so very tiny my little sweetie. Grandma can't wait to get there in two more days and kiss your little face off. Mommy sent me some pictures of you and your sister with your new dresses on for Christmas. You both are so very cute and should be Santa's little elves. Grandma put your pictures in her Brag Book that your Mommy bought for me before you were born. All the girls I play golf with are in love with you both because I carry your pictures in my sun-glass case also and show you off every chance that I can. I love you both so much and can't wait to see you and your Mommy and your Daddy on Saturday. I know that Santa is going to be very good to you little Angels. All my Love to you - Grandma Schiller