Saturday, October 15, 2005

This is Olivia and Avery's first picture with their cousin Nicholas. Nicholas was born on August 6th 2005 at McMaster Hospital. He was also premature by 6 weeks. During his 2 week stay at the hospital he and the girls were just down the hall from eachother. As you can see Avery's not too sure why she's having to share the spotlight with someone else other than her sister, and as for Olivia as usual she could care less about it. All three are doing great. They are getting bigger by the day!
Olivia & Avery celebrated their first thanksgiving at Baka and Deda's house this year. Both girls enjoyed every minute of it. They were happy to see their Uncle Roberto and Auntie Nancy and of course their favorite cousin Nicholas! Maybe next year they'll be able to have a taste of turkey with the rest of us.
We are snapping pictures everyday so we'll continue to keep everyone updated!