Monday, November 27, 2006

On Friday afternoon I decided to pack up the girl's and head over to the mall to meet Santa for their very first time. I wasn't sure how they would react. Lately at times they both act a little shy around strangers so I just never know what they will do. As everyone can see from the photo, Avery was fine but the moment I placed Olivia on Santa's lap she looked up at him and was all tear's. It actually broke my heart. As soon as Santa gave her a candy cane she calmed down. I guess this is one of those classic photo's. We all have them.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

This afternoon we went to visit Allison & the girl's cousin Tori. As soon as we got there Olivia must have had her "toy radar " on because she found Tori's toys right away. We didn't get a chance to see Lexi because she was at school today. Maybe next time. Tori and the girl's played so nice together that I can't wait for our next playdate.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Today the girl's had an appointment at McMaster hospital with Dr. Harvey. She is the girl's eye doctor. She check's their eye's now once a year to make sure everything is still the same. Today they both checked out fine. Babies born prematurely have a 30% chance of having problems with their eye's.

She told us that they both are far sighted which is normal. We are still not 100% out of the clear until they are about eight year's of age. That's when she will be able to tell if they are near sighted, because at that time she will have them read off an eye chart.

The picture posted here are of the girl's pushing the kitchen chair's around the kitchen. This week they were standing at the chair's hitting the seat, when all of a sudden Avery started to move the chair. Of course Olivia had to follow what she was doing. I just let them go and have fun with it. I figure it will help them with their walking.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

November is prematurity awareness month. I have added a link on our blog so everyone can access more information on premature births. Over the past 16 months I have done quite a bit of my own research on prematurity.
This year half a million women will give birth to a premature baby. If everyone takes a little time to educate themselves a little, hopefully your knowledge will help someone else. Although doctor's do not know why premature birth's happen, nor do they really even know why a baby is born at 40 weeks. If we educate other's by making them aware of what could happen, maybe the number might be reduced.
I have come to believe that all mother's of premature babies were chosen for a reason. We can take our knowledge and experience and educate other's.
I hope everyone will take the time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Today we went to visit Angela and Elizabeth. The girl's had lots of fun as everyone can see in the photo's below, playing with Elizabeth's water table. We had to take the girl's shirt's off because of all the splashing they were doing. By the end of it the girl's, Angela and myself, as well as Angela's kitchen was soaked! But they had fun.

Elizabeth is another miracle baby. She was born at 25 weeks gestation. I first met Elizabeth and her mom at the hospital about a month after the girl's were born. When I saw how well she was doing for being born so early, I knew then there was hope for Olivia & Avery. For the three months the girl's were in hospital, whenever I would feel depressed, I would think about Elizabeth and remember how far she had come. She is the sweetest little girl. A true miracle.

Monday, November 06, 2006

This weekend we decided we would paint our house. It was a little difficult at times with the girl's, they wanted to join in on the fun.

When they woke up from their afternoon nap and discovered the ladder in the kitchen, right away they wanted to climb. Lately all they want to do is climb everything. Including the stairs! Over the past couple of days, Olivia has figured out how to climb up on the sofa. Which means I have to keep an eye on her even more.

Avery is standing by herself all the time now, and will take about two steps towards us. Olivia just starting to stand on her own. It's very cute because whenever she is standing, it doesn't last very long, she thinks it's so funny that she falls over. She also just started taking about two steps. We figure by Christmas these two will be all over the house.

Not to worry everyone, although it doesn't seem like it by these photos, Brian was very close by while I took these pictures. We also helped the girl's up on the ladder.