Friday, May 26, 2006

One year ago today was when the twins gave us our first scare. At this time last year at only 24 weeks into the pregnancy I went into labour. By the following morning the contractions had stopped on there own. The twins would have probably survived at that gestation but we would probably have been faced with a lot of complictions. They held on for three more weeks and then decided that was it!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Olivia & Avery are 8 months now (11 months corrected age) we had the girls baptized last month on April 23rd. We had lots of friends & family come out for the big event, even the girls great Aunt and two great Uncles made it from Pittsburgh. Avery's godparents are Auntie Nancy & Uncle Roberto and Olivia's godparents are Auntie Jennifer & Uncle Mike. Both are doing great, they have become very curious of everything. Everything they see they want. They are both standing but not crawling yet, we figure they are still a ways off from that. Next month is their one year check up at the doctors so we'll be able to update everyone then on how much they weigh.