Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last Friday we met up with Elizabeth & Angi for some fun at Springridge Farm. This place was really awesome! It had so many things for the kids to do including mazes, bails of hay to climb on, and tractor rides. They even had a cow for the kids to milk! which they all loved doing.

On Saturday morning the girl's and I were up pretty early so we had breakfast and headed out. I thought we would give daddy a few more hours sleep since he had worked really late the night before. While we were out shopping we came across a fair. Since we had been out for quite awhile I decided we would go home get daddy and head back over.

As you can see in the picture's Olivia was the only daring one. I did manage to get Avery on a train ride but she clung to me the entire time. Olivia has no problem doing crazy fun things all by herself.

I wonder what were in for when she hits her teen years?!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We had a very busy and fun filled long weekend. Saturday we spent the day at Baka & Deda's house. The girl's love playing at the park, so much that at times it is really hard to get them to go home.
On Sunday we met up with Elizabeth, Angi and Ivan at the racetrack for some more fun. They had so much for the kids to do. Olivia took her first pony ride and loved it! She was so excited to be on the pony that when it was time for her to come off, she almost started to cry. I think we might have to do something like that again soon.
Avery on the other hand wanted nothing to do with the pony's. It's times like this that the differences in their personalities come out. She's a lot more cautious of things and usually needs to see her sister do something first before she'll do it.
After the pony rides we headed inside got the girl's something to eat, and then we were off to the craft room. All three girl's LOVED using the sparkles to decorate their Elmo picture's. I don't know about Elizabeth but we were picking out sparkles from the girl's hair the next day. Even after they had a bath!Then came the bouncy castle. Again, Elizabeth and Olivia were right in there having a blast while Avery watched from the sidelines. Next the girl's got a chance to feed some animals. They all LOVED doing this even Avery.Next the girl's all got their faces painted. Elizabeth & Avery decided they wanted a little critter on each cheek. When Olivia sat down for her turn she told the lady that she wanted to be a kitty cat. "Nothing else" she said.Look at these three cuties!!Then came the fireworks! This was the twins first time seeing fireworks so of course Brian and I were really excited to see how they would react. Olivia laid back in my arms with her face up to the sky watching them, and I noticed that Avery covered her ears a few times because of the noise. We probably should have brought the girls ear plugs. Something we'll have to remember for the next time.

To end off the long weekend on Monday we drove up to Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner. Uncle Mike, Auntie Jennifer, Jack and Noah were all there. The girl's had a lot of fun playing with their cousins. Jack taught the girl's how to hit a baseball, so now all they want to do is play baseball!! We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as we did!!

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