Friday, July 27, 2007


Monday, July 23, 2007


Well once again we headed out this past weekend for another family adventure. I figured since the girl's are learning so much about different land animals, why not expose them to some marine mammals as well. It was a great day, we saw some incredible things and the girl's were really in awe with seeing these creatures so up close.

This was just one of the many highlights of the day. There is a area with baby deer that are so tame. They wander over and let the kids touch them and feed them. The girl's got a big kick out this. I was also very impressed with how gentle the girl's were with the deer.

We managed to get a show in of the Dolphins, Walruses, and Sea Lions. They are so incredibly amazing to watch. While Brian & I were on our honeymoon I had the opportunity to go swimming with some dolphins. Which was an experience I will never forget and hope the girl's will get to experience one day themselves.
Avery & Olivia sat through the entire show perfectly still. They would join the crowd in some clapping and cheering here and there. It was really very cute to watch them taking it all in.

Marineland does a great job of letting people get involved with the animals. Along with petting and feeding the Deer, they also sell food to feed the Bears as well.

Behind bars of course!

Daddy & Avery checking out some fish

This was the best part of our entire day trip. Avery & I got the opportunity to feed and touch a Beluga Whale! Isn't it beautiful!!

Unfortunately Olivia had passed out by this time so she missed out. I must say I was really impressed with how hygienic everything was. Before touching the Whales they made everyone wash their hands, as well as after.

Avery feeding the Beluga Whale a fish all by herself!

Our Beluga waiting for another fish

Marineland is one of the more expensive places we have taken the girl's but so worth it. We all had a great time.
Of course the day would not be complete without a Dolphin & Whale of their own.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Thursday, July 12, 2007


This was the question Lisa asked to many of her faithful blog readers a couple of weeks ago. I didn't even need to think of my answer, it was simple. I was blessed to find out I was pregnant, and I was double blessed to find out I was pregnant with twins. Out of 64 responses, Lisa chose two of them to receive a free "Blessed" necklace that is handmade and inspired by her sweetheart of a son David. I was shocked to check back and see that I was one of the winners!! I have never won a thing in my life, so this was pretty exciting.
I have been trying to paste a picture of the necklace here on my blog, but for some reason my computer is not co-operating. So go over and check out Lisa's blog (It's The Little Thing's) to get a good look at a beautiful necklace that is only $38.00 and, $10.00 of each purchase is going towards the cdls foundation.
I am unsure if she will be selling these necklace's after July, so hurry on over to her blog and check it out. While your there, check out her beautiful boys as well.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I know a lot of people have been waiting for this post about our trip to the zoo. I apologize for it being late but after spending hours outside everyday playing with the girls in this heat, I'm pretty exhausted by the end of the day.

Saturday we took the girls to the Toronto Zoo. I had expected to have just as much fun there as we did at the African Lion Safari. We all did have fun, but I found a lot of the people were a little inconsiderate at times of other people like ourselves with strollers. Which surprised me because pretty much everyone there has children. It was difficult to get close to some of the exhibits of the animals because there were either too many people or it just wasn't "stroller" friendly. We would definitely take them back, but probably wait a couple of years.

I was so excited to find out there was a splash pad for the kids. Our girls just love the water so I figured they would have a blast. Unfortunately the splash pad was geared up for much older children. There weren't any wadding pools just a lot of water spraying everywhere. Which was a little harsh and very cold.