Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday was the girl's third birthday. On Saturday we celebrated with lots of family & friends. We were a little worried in the morning that the weather was going to give out on us and rain, but as it turns out the skies cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon for all the kids to enjoy some time outside.

Pizza party lunch

Ashton soaking up the sun

Splashing in the poolCourtney hanging outElizabeth playing in the pool Princess birthday cake

Opening gifts

Avery taking a turn at the pinata
Cousin Jack

Collecting all the goodies from the pinata
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the girl's birthday with us, we hope everyone had just as much fun as we did!

Sunday was the girl's actual birthday. We spent the morning opening up a few more gifts and then we all got ready to head to a Father's day picnic.

I always get a little emotional around this time when I think of how the events of this day unfolded three years ago. As we were on our way to the picnic we drove by the hospital the girl's were born at and a million emotions began to surface. Brian & I looked at each other and we both said that three years ago on this day we never imagined that we would be taking the girl's to a picnic. Emotions were also a little high because I can clearly remember Brian's first Father's day. I was still in the hospital and around 3a.m I decided I would go down to the NICU to see the girl's. When I walked in I saw two little cards that said "Happy Father's Day". Both cards were stamped with the girl's little feet. I instantly broke down because of how special the nurses tried to make this day for a very special daddy. This year having father's day on the same day as the girl's birthday was probably the best gift anyone could ever give him.

Olivia & Avery with cousin NicholasHaving a dance with daddyBirthday girl's!
Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl's, mommy & daddy are so very proud of you!!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's been so hot here lately that spending time in the girl's pool has become an every day event. It's great to be able to get them out of the house everyday but getting them in for lunch, or trying to get them to eat a snack or have a drink has become somewhat of a fight. I know they don't understand why they have to be pulled away from their fun to hydrate themselves so I just keep forcing the liquids in to them every second I can. Even if it means holding their cup for them to have a drink while they continue to play in their sandbox, or hand feeding them crackers in their pool. The last thing we need is a trip to emerg for dehydration!

We all have a BIG Happy 3rd Birthday wish for one of our favorite little guys. Ashton is celebrating his third birthday today!!

We spent Sunday afternoon at Ashton's Grandma & Grandpa's house for his birthday party. The girl's had a great time and so did we. Ashton is so lucky to have not only a great mommy & daddy, but WONDERFUL grandparents as well. Thank you so much for having us!!

The Birthday Boy So much excitement!
Daddy & his birthday boyYummy cake
Thanks again for having us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHTON!!!!!!!!

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