Monday, April 30, 2007


Today the girl's & I headed down to Burlington to have a play date with Elizabeth. It's hard to believe that it has been two months since we last had a play date. Of course the girl's had a ton of fun playing with Elizabeth and her great outdoor toys.
We have been talking about getting Olivia & Avery a sandbox for their birthday and today confirmed how much they would enjoy one. They loved playing in Elizabeth's sand box. Even after we put the lid back on Olivia was trying to get it off and play some more with the sand.
Here are some really cute picture's from today.....

Friday, April 27, 2007

Last week Brian & I did something we had never done before. I took Avery shopping with me while Brian stayed at home with Olivia. The two of us were just amazed at how different it was to only have one child instead of two. We both couldn't believe how calm life was. Something we will have to do more often.
While Avery and I were shopping at Walmart we headed over to the pet section where she instantly noticed the fish. I had her point to one that she liked and that was the one we brought home.

This little guy has entertained these two everyday. They just love to sit and watch him swim around, they get super excited when it's his feeding time.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Since it was such a beautiful day on Saturday, the four of us headed to Downtown Guelph and then over to Guelph Conservation Park. The girl's had a great time exploring, and Mommy & Daddy had a great time watching them.

Today the girl's had their very first bridal shower to go to. I just never know how the girl's will be at an event like this, especially when their nap gets cut short. They were a little hesitant at first with so many people around, but after awhile they settled right in.
Of course they didn't want to eat with all the excitement going on, but I did manage to get a couple of bottles of milk into them.

Auntie Linda & Uncle Joey
Bride & Groom to be!

Princess Olivia

Playing outside of the hall

Daddy & Olivia

Sweet Little Avery

Friday, April 20, 2007


Monday, April 16, 2007

THE RETURN OF POPEYE?No actually it's just Olivia flashing a Popeye smile. This is her new smile now every time she sees me pull out the camera. She looks at me and with that crooked smile says "CHEESE" it is so darn cute.
Yesterday afternoon we headed out again to the mall in search of some dress shoes for the girl's. They have their first bridal shower this weekend. I can't wait to see how they do with 100+ women. Yes it's a BIG one. I finally found them some shoes at Payless, they have a great sale on right now. Buy one get the other half price. I can never resist a sale, especially since I have two to buy for.
After we had finished shoe shopping it was getting close to the girl's dinner time so we thought we would try another restaurant. They weren't as patient as they were the other night, only because they were hungry. But they were still very good. After they finished their dinner we ordered them some ice cream. They've both had it before but never on a cone. They LOVED it. Avery even ate some of the cone.

Friday, April 13, 2007

After being couped up after all four of us were sick, we finally decided we just needed to get out. A change of scenery for all of us was needed. So when Brian got home from work tonight that's exactly what we did. We packed the girl's up and headed out for dinner.
The two of them were so good. They didn't fuss once at the restaurant. The best part about dinner tonight for me was that not one piece of food hit the floor. They ate almost everything! To say that they were well behaved would be an understatement. To say that they were perfect angel's would be correct. They were so good that we thought since their not fussing why not take them over to the mall since it was just across the street from where we were.

When we got into the mall they were pretty content sitting back in their stroller and relaxing. After about 10minutes of this they were ready to come out and do some exploring.
We walked around the mall for nearly two hours with them. I think I had more fun than they did. I just love to stand back and watch them take it all in.
One store we went in, there was a little girl who was the same size as the girl's were, only a year older. Avery was her typical shy self, while Olivia on the other was "little miss sociable". She walked right up to the little girl almost nose to nose and said "HI" I thought I was going to die from laughter. She amazes me all the time. She is so sweet that at times it can break your heart. My mother describes her as someone who loves life. Oh so true. She has the type of personality that people are drawn to.
So after buying the girl's some sandals for the summer, and the cutest pair of sunglasses ever, we headed home had some milk and off to bed. Not a peep out of them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Sunday, April 08, 2007

We hope everyone had a great Easter this year.
Ours was full of sneezing, coughing, lots of Kleenex, and of course sleeping. Yes we are ALL sick. It started about a week ago. What I thought was a simple head cold that would pass in a few days, turned into more than I bargained for. By the third day I had a sore throat and a really nasty cough. By the end of last week Brian then became sick and within two days of him getting sick the girl's were also blessed with this wonderful cold.
Because of us all being sick, we ended up missing our traditional Easter dinner at Brian's parent's Saturday. We didn't think it would be a good idea to share our germs. Especially since Auntie Nancy had Nicholas at the hospital a few weeks ago. We didn't think she needed another middle of the night visit to the ER. Besides we wouldn't want anyone to share their germs with us. The last thing we need is to have two babies spending more time at the hospital. I think three months was enough.
The good news is we are all on the road to recovery. The girl's still have a cough, and a chapped nose from all the wiping, but their temperment is great! They are still playing, running around, and of course fighting like they always do.
Since we didn't make it for Easter dinner last night, Brian's parents decided they would come over today to the house of germs and bring us dinner and of course they spoiled the girl's with lots of Easter goodies. So we didn't actually miss out on Easter dinner after all.
Last night while the girl's were sleeping, I put together their new Dora table and chairs that we got them for Easter. They don't understand who the Easter Bunny is yet, but they sure were excited when they came downstairs and saw their new table with a few chocolates, a little basketball and soccer ball waiting for them.

Friday, April 06, 2007

You Know You're The Parent of a Preemie When...
1.You use strange initials (C-PAP, CCs, NICU, NG) when discussing your child.

2.You actually remember how many CCs make up an ounce.

3.You count his weight in grams.

4. The skin on your hands is peeling from washing so often!

5.You hesitate when someone asks his age, but you know exactly how much he weighs!

6. The answer to "How old is your baby?" is a story 30 minutes long!

7. When someone asks his birthday, you reply, "Which one?" or "he's not supposed to be born yet."

8. You start to understand some of the things they say on ER!

9. You turn into Kung-Fu Mom when someone tries to touch your baby.

10. You cry at Maternity Ward and get mad at Baby Story.

11. You see a 7lb newborn and say "Wow! He's so BIG!"

12. Your baby is months old before he can even come home.

13. When someone says how tiny your baby is, you argue that he is huge -- and to demonstrate, you whip out pictures of him in NICU.

14. You do a health check on people when they come to visit . (SO TRUE)

15. You make people wash their hands before going near your child.

16. You want to scream when someone says that she just wants to have this baby now - at week 28, 32, or 34 weeks.

17. You never take your child for granted.

18. You worry about RSV season and it is still weeks away . . .

19. You know what "RSV" stands for.

20. You pick up 2 pounds of ground beef and think that your baby was born smaller than it.

21. You buy "Purell" in bulk.

22. You can stare at your baby for hours when he sleeps

23. NICU nurses are your best friends.

24. You no longer blink when an alarm goes off....