Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am very late at getting our Easter pictures posted this year. We had a great Easter but were hit Easter Monday with some kind of stomach bug. Poor Avery got it first, then me and then it was Olivia's turn. The only one spared from it was Brian. And he's lucky because this bug was not nice.

Saturday night we got all ready for the Easter bunny by putting out some carrots and a glass of water for him. The girl's thought he might need a snack since he had so many kids in the world to deliver all the yummy chocolates to.

Easter morning seemed as if we woke up it it was over. It was a completely different experience this year than last. The girls were running around the house so fast that I didn't have enough time to take many pictures of them during their egg hunt. Before I knew it it was over!Showing off all their goodies. The Easter bunny also brought them some new Barbies for the bath. Barbie is a huge hit in our house right now. We had Easter dinner at our house this year. The girls were even excited about that! They are at such a great age right now, understanding more and more how each holiday works.
They love spending time with their cousins and always play so nice together.
My little Easter Bunny
Being silly at dinner
After dinner Grandpa spent some time with the girls teaching them how to hit a golf ball. I think we may just have to get them a golf club each to keep practising with, and hope that our backyard survives the divots!
My favorite picture of the day, Jack & Avery.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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