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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


That's right, we spent a whole week in Cayo Coco Cuba without our two princesses. Can you believe it? we were actually apart from them for an entire 7 days! It was heartbreaking to leave them but they had a great time with their grandparents for the week. I'm sure their Baka needed a few days vacation after having the two of them.

We arrived in Cuba last Sunday morning to beautiful blue skies and crystal clear water. We spent the day relaxing and sleeping on the beach. Our plan was to sleep in as much as possible since we really haven't slept in almost three years. No such luck. I was up every morning at 7:30a.m. We did manage to sleep in one day until 8:30a.m but that was the latest my body would allow me to sleep.

The beach at our hotel

We saw many interesting creatures while we were away. The only one I didn't get a picture of was a bright green snake we saw which was about 4 feet long. When we first saw it we thought it was a garden hose until it started to move!
Enjoying a quiet dinner togetherSome nightly Cuban entertainment in the lobby barThe Saturday before we left, we decided to go on an snorkeling excursion. We headed out in the morning on a Catamaran. After an hour on the boat we started our snorkeling adventure. We had done some snorkeling in the past in Cozumel and had an amazing time. We had expected to have the same experience as we did in the past. We did see a few fish but not as many as we did in Cozumel. We snorkeled for about 45 minutes then we were back on the boat and headed off to another spot. Before getting off the boat the second time, they had warned us to not touch anything because of the many sting rays that were in that part of the water. After hearing that I decided that I would just hang out on the boat and enjoy the music and beautiful weather. If I didn't have any children I probably would have gone in the water. But, I over heard a group of people who came back on the boat after only being in the water for about 5 minutes say "If Steve Irwin couldn't handle a sting ray I'm not about to take a chance." Good point!
Brian however did go back in the water but didn't see anything other than a star fish.

Drying off after snorkeling

Our trip included an AMAZING lobster lunch on the boat. There is nothing better than fresh seafood right from the ocean.
We then headed out again to the beautiful Pillar beach. It is a beach in Cayo Coco that has not been disturbed by any developers. It was truly breathtaking!

Captain Brian enjoying a nice cold cervasa
We had a great time away but of course missed the girl's. The resort we stayed at had many families with kids the same age as ours, which at times made us miss them even more. We both said that it was definitely a place we would go back to with the them. It had lots of things for kids to do. Even the shows at night included all the kids on the resort.
So we are now finally getting back into our regular routine. It is nice to be home and even nicer that the weather is starting to warm up. It is going to be so nice to spend our days outside, instead of being couped up in the house all day. Grandma and Grandpa will be home next week from Florida and the girl's are super excited about seeing them.

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