Wednesday, January 30, 2008



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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Not much time for a complete update on the girl's, once again they have decided that they do not need a nap. They have been doing lots of new and exciting things which I will update everyone on soon, I promise!
This weekend was Daddy's birthday. We spent a quiet day at home and then the four of us all went out for a nice dinner.
Helping Daddy open his Birthday presentA little Birthday kiss for DaddyShowing everyone how much she loves her DaddyHelping Daddy blow out the Birthday candles

One of Brian's birthday requests was that we take the girl's to see the Monster Trucks in Toronto. I have to admit I really wasn't crazy about the whole thing. All I kept thinking was how loud it would be as well as all the germs floating around. I finally gave in, but the agreement was that they could go only if we got them proper ear plugs to wear to block out some of the noise. On our way down we stopped to pick some up and they worked great!

To my surprise the girl's had a blast! They weren't scared at all by the loud trucks. For the past couple of days they keep asking to go back and see the "Big Trucks" so I guess this means when Monster Trucks return next year, we will too.

Avery sporting her cool earplugs

Daddy & his girl's

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is what happens when you THINK you are a big girl and do not need a nap....

You sleep right through dinner.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas 2007!
We hope everyone had as good of a Christmas as we did. The girl's were super spoiled this year with lots of toys and clothes from both of their grandparents and of course Santa.
My parents came home again for Christmas this year and the girl's loved every minute of them being here.
Grandpa Schiller hanging out with the girl's Christmas EveGrandma Schiller and the girl's Christmas EveChristmas morning being two little mommy's with their new baby strollers from SantaAvery playing with her new guitar from SantaOlivia and her guitarBob the Builder look out!!Christmas night at Baka & Dida's houseTaking a milk break with cousin Nicholas Just looking so sweet!Olivia, Nicholas & Avery being silly in the cribGrandma & Grandpa didn't stay with us the entire time they were home. They went home for a few days so we decided to visit them. The girl's had a great time playing and being very silly. It is over an hour drive to their house and Olivia fell asleep about half way there, while Avery decided she would stay up the entire drive. I thought for sure we were in for a very fussy girl but she was actually pretty good considering she hadn't slept all day.
When we left, it only took about five minutes in the car and she out!
Running around at the restaurant
Grandma & Olivia being sillyWe also had a nice visit from our friends Angi, Ivan and Elizabeth. We missed Elizabeth's third birthday party since the girl's were sick. But as it turns out Elizabeth ended up sick too so the party had to be rescheduled. I am keeping the girl's under close wraps until the party. We aren't missing this one!New Year's Eve cuddling with Grandma Olivia & Grandpa
My crazy girl's
Grandma & Olivia
Grandpa & Avery

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