Saturday, February 25, 2006

Olivia and Avery are now 5months (8 months corrected age) and are doing terriffic! They have both discovered that they can roll over and are becoming more and more fond of eachother everyday. They both love to play in their exercauser's and think that pulling daddy's hair is very funny. They have started to eat cereal twice a day and are doing great. They open big and wide when they see the spoon coming. Next month we'll start them on baby food. Let the mess begin!! Next month we are also back at McMaster for growth and development checks on both girls. The last check-up they had they were both above average in their development. So despite their early arrival the twins are actually ahead of the game. That makes mommy and daddy very happy. The girls next doctor visit is at the end of this month so we'll keep everyone updated on how much weight they've gained.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two Cutie's
Olivia & Avery are now 8 months old (5 months corrected age) They are now rolling on their sides, giggling, and screaming when they get excited. It's amazing how quickly they change. Before we know it they are going to be a year old! The picture posted here is going to be in the Oakville Beaver's 2005 arrivals along with their cousin Noah. Hope everyone gets a chance to see it.