Sunday, November 07, 2010

We've Been Gone Too Long...
It's hard to believe that almost a year has passed since I last updated everyone on what's been going on with us.
We've been very busy. Since my last update, the girls have grown in so many ways. They had their second dance recital this past Spring, turned 5, and are now enjoying their days in SK.
I recently returned to work full time this past summer and it has been a HUGE adjustment for everyone. Finding a job was easy but, finding Daycare for the girls was a job in itself. I interviewed a million different people and finally managed to find the perfect person to care for the girls. They LOVE going to Daycare!! which has made the decision to go back to work a lot easier on me.

We spent some time this summer up at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The girls cousin Jack was also up for a week. They all played so nice together and just had a lot of fun.

We also headed to Pittsburgh this past Thanksgiving to attend Brian's cousin's wedding. The girls were so obsessed with Lindsey that they kept calling her "Cinderella" They were in awe with the wedding ceremony and could not get enough dancing in at the reception. They managed to stay up well after midnight and enjoy all the fun with the adults.

My two beautiful girls...

They also had a great time hanging out with all their American cousins. What I loved the most is that they are all so close in age and they get along great. Their cousins were a little confused trying to figure out how they were twins, but didn't look the same at all.

Avery and cousin Brianna

Olivia and Brianna

I am going to do my best at keeping on top of my blogging. I have so much more to update on but seeing that it's been so long, and it would probably take days or even weeks to catch up, I will leave it at this. I do promise to be a little more on top of things as of now.

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