Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a busy weekend the girl's had. Saturday morning after the girl's had their breakfast, Brian took them to the "calling all dad's" program. (all by himself ). He said he had a great time watching the girl's interact with the other children. He also enjoyed having some "dad conversation" with all the other dad's.
On Sunday we had Ella's birthday party which was held at Playasaurus. It's an indoor playground for little one's. They had such a great time. They were actually the loudest one's at the party. We could hardly keep up with them.

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Anonymous said...

Hi girls - Mommy and Daddy say that you both had a great time at Ella's birthday party. It looks like they are right with regards to your pictures. You both look like you are in 7th heaven and "WOW" - having new toys to play with. Your are very lucky little girls. I am looking forward to eating you up very soon.

Love Grandma