Friday, November 17, 2006


Today the girl's had an appointment at McMaster hospital with Dr. Harvey. She is the girl's eye doctor. She check's their eye's now once a year to make sure everything is still the same. Today they both checked out fine. Babies born prematurely have a 30% chance of having problems with their eye's.

She told us that they both are far sighted which is normal. We are still not 100% out of the clear until they are about eight year's of age. That's when she will be able to tell if they are near sighted, because at that time she will have them read off an eye chart.

The picture posted here are of the girl's pushing the kitchen chair's around the kitchen. This week they were standing at the chair's hitting the seat, when all of a sudden Avery started to move the chair. Of course Olivia had to follow what she was doing. I just let them go and have fun with it. I figure it will help them with their walking.

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