Friday, January 12, 2007


I don't know how this has happened but somehow the flu bug has made it's way into our house. So far only Olivia has been bit by the nasty little critter. What surprises me even more is that both of the girl's had the flu shot. Go figure!

Wednesday night she started to get a fever and by Thursday morning it had reached 40.5, I had been up with her most of the night so that was it, I figured it was high enough to earn us a trip to the doctor. Her Pediatrician says's she has the stomach flu and it should pass. I just have to make sure she still gets enough fluids which she is. She told me that if she gets worse I'm to take her to emerg where they will probably admit her. Whatever is going around is really bad from what she tells me. She has already admitted a handful of children for the same thing. Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't get any worse, and that Avery doesn't get it. She hasn't thrown up today so I'm taking that as a positive. So far today she has had lots of water some dry toast and a couple bites of banana. More than I expected.

This picture is of her the day before the little bugs invaded her little skinny body. I haven't had a smile from her since

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Anonymous said...

I hope she feels better. We had it just before Christmas. Luckily, Cole was only really sick for about 24 hours.

Those bugs are definitely sneaky.