Thursday, January 18, 2007

Over the last two day's Olivia seems to back to her old self again. She's actually eating better now than before she got sick. I know she's feeling better because today she was right back into her old routine of chasing Avery around the kitchen, and climbing all over the couch. Which of course comes along with not listening when I would tell her to get down.
The best part of her feeling better is having her smile back.


Shannon said...

YAY! So happy to see that Olivia is back to her old self! Nothing worse than having a sick baby....

Anonymous said...

She looks soooo cute!

It is so good to hear Olivia is feeling better.

She is probably eating better now because she has some ground to make up.

It's amazing how much you miss their little smiles when they are sick. Such a small thing means so much!!

Anthony said...

Lovely blog you havee