Saturday, March 31, 2007


This post is for all the moms out there who are going through life with a toddler or are approaching the toddler years.

Tonight was just like every other night at dinner time, food being thrown on the floor, some getting ingested, a little bit rubbed into the top of their heads, etc. Except for one thing. When the girl's were almost finished and it was time for their evening fruit, I got up walked over to the counter grabbed a banana for them and when I came back to where they were Avery was sitting in her highchair with her finger up her nose. This is nothing new, the two of them have been discovering their nose's lately, and from what the books say, parents are suppose to ignore their child when they do this. So as always I did. Until of course I took a closer look at her and realized she had some orange coloured cracker around the edge of her nose. I tilted her head back and SURPRISE! there was a piece of a goldfish cracker jammed up one nostril. I tried to grab it but in my attempt to do so, it only went up further.

So of course here I am at home by myself with the girl's, Brian is out with the car. Even if I had the car, we are now in a new city and I have no idea where the hospital is or the nearest walk in clinic. Then I thought if I couldn't get it out myself I would have to call 911. But then I thought about what I would say. When they asked " what is your emergency? " would I reply " my daughter has a piece of goldfish cracker up her nose " I think if I were on the other end of a call like that I might burst into laughter.

I decided I better try something else before this thing gets lodged even further. I ran upstairs grabbed my tweezers came back down and actually for the first time ever used the recline position on the highchair. Why the highchair has a recline position is beyond me. I have never been able to figure this out. Who actually feeds their child in a reclined position? Besides, with all the feeding issues my kids had, they needed to be upright at all times. I definitely do not recommend this model of Evenflo highchair to anyone!

Anyways I managed to grab the piece of cracker with the tweezers. As soon as I pulled it out she instantly starts laughing. Well of course I started laughing, but I think my laughter was more nerves than anything else.


Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed when I read your post, I was taken to the emergency as a child for stuffing candy up my nose. The girls better not show Elizabeth their new trick. I am also in agreement with how silly their highchairs are we had the same one and I gave it away after a month of Elizabeth choking because it does not sit up.
Glad to hear your move was fairly uneventful (that the movers didn't get pulled over for DUI). Hope to see all you guys soon, Elizabeth is missing her playmates.
Angi and Elizabeth

Shannon said...

Oh Shannon, thank you for the laugh tonight, I needed that!!!!

Lexi & Tori said...

That is sooo funny. I remember Lexi put a popcorn kernel in hers once...LOL

Anonymous said...

I will never see fishy crackers the same way again!!