Friday, April 27, 2007

Last week Brian & I did something we had never done before. I took Avery shopping with me while Brian stayed at home with Olivia. The two of us were just amazed at how different it was to only have one child instead of two. We both couldn't believe how calm life was. Something we will have to do more often.
While Avery and I were shopping at Walmart we headed over to the pet section where she instantly noticed the fish. I had her point to one that she liked and that was the one we brought home.

This little guy has entertained these two everyday. They just love to sit and watch him swim around, they get super excited when it's his feeding time.


Shannon said...

They are so cute! Ashton is back to himself so we have to set something up to get these beautiful girls together with my gorgeous little man! :)

We have a big fish tank and I'll tell you Ashton sits and watches it a lot!

Growing Your Baby said...
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Growing Your Baby said...

(I erased it my comment somehow!)


It's funny how the smallest things make them so happy!

23wktwinsmommy said...

So cute! It's adorable to see how the simple things in life brings kids so much joy. Yay for the fish!!!!

haha I typed this before reading the previous's so tru though!

Anonymous said...

Olivia - you look more and more like your Grandpa. He loved life just as you do. You have that same little smirk that your Grandpa had with your mouth. It brings back a lot of memories. He would have been so very proud of you sweetie. I'm sure he's looking down on you and just adoring you both so much.