Monday, June 18, 2007


Well this post is a little late getting out. But I was just way too tired after the girl's party to do much of anything.

Their 2nd birthday party turned out great, we had lots of guests come out for the girl's big day. To all of you who couldn't make it because of illness we missed you all being here, and hope your feeling better soon.

Thank you to all who did make it. It really meant a lot to have you all here.
Grandma helping the girl's eat their birthday cakeBirthday Girl #1Birthday Girl #2Getting a kiss from cousin NicholasShannon & Angi - Two great moms!Elizabeth - Olivia's real twin!Auntie Janice - Olivia & Avery's primary nurse at Mac. The only one at the hospital that I ever trusted with the girl's. As well as the only one who could ever keep me sane through the whole experience.Our preemie friend Ashton. As sweet as ever!Preemie friends - Elizabeth, Avery, Ashton, & OliviaSince the party, Avery has become very protective of the chair that Ashton is sitting in. Anytime Olivia try's to sit in it now, she stops her and says " Don't touch, Ashton's chair"This next picture is my favorite out of all of them. On Friday morning I received an e-mail from Vickie, Alina & Sophia's mom. Since they couldn't make it to the party the girl's put together a wonderful birthday wish for the twins.

Thank you so much Vickie, Alina & Sophia for such a great birthday present for the girl's, it brought me to tears!

Morning after the party playing peek-a-boo with the box from their new slide.

On Sunday ( Father's Day) we headed over to Baka & Deda's house. We brought along the girl's water table that they got from Auntie Krista for their birthday. The girl's cousin Nicholas, joined in for some fun in the water too. They all had a blast! Baka & Deda also surprised the girl's with a new pool! Which will be put up very soon with all this hot weather.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out on Saturday and for all the wonderful gifts.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, it looks like everyone had fun! I can't wait until next weekend when we can all see each other again!


tbonegrl said...

Precious! I came upon your blog looking for other twin/preemie parents. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my links.

23wktwinsmommy said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girls! They are soo pretty!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the party - looks like Ollie and Avey had a great time! Looking SO forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!
Angela (and Mimi & Coco)