Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We had our two year check up today with our new Pediatrician. We have had A LOT of doctor's appointments over the past two years but, this by far was the best. Our previous pediatrician would always brush off any concerns I ever had with the girl's which was extremely frustrating, or would dance around a question I would have which would then leave me completely confused and always asking myself why I bother taking the girl's to her.

Well different outcome today. Our new doc listened to everything I had to say, answered every question I had. Gave me some great suggestions on where to go from here now that the girl's are two years of age, and most importantly made me feel confident and comfortable with him looking after them medically. VERY IMPORTANT.
So for the exciting news.... Avery weighed in at 27.5lbs 34.5 inches in length. Olivia weighed in at 24.5lbs and also 34.5 inches in length. WOW my girl's are finally in the 50th percentile for height but are still in the 25th percentile for weight. I actually don't pay much attention anymore to the charts, I stopped worrying a long time ago about that. I am just so happy that they are both gaining weight and are healthy.

Now for more exciting news, when he was going over what the "typical" two year old (term) should be doing, one of the questions he asked me was are they saying at least two words? I told him they are talking to me in sentences now. He kind of looked at me a little strange until Olivia looked up at me and said "Look mama, a lady bug" he was in complete shock. Of course I just started laughing because of the expression on his face. He was really impressed with all the things they were doing and told me he had no concerns about them developmentally. YIPPEE!!!

Once again girl's we are so very proud of you!!!


Shannon said...

I have goosebumps reading this Shannon! Olivia and Avery are absolutely AMAZING little girls and they are so lucky to have such loving and wonderful parents!!!!

27.5lbs!?! Holy cow!!! That is awesome that they are both doing so well.

And YES, Dr.Promnitz ROCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought their language development was above average! And what are you feeding those girls? Glad to hear all is well.


BusyLizzyMom said...

Congrats, you sound so happy. It's good to hear you have a great pediatrician who is on the ball. I can't believe Avery is 27lbs. Olivia is close to Elizabeth's weight she weighed in at 25lbs the other day. The girls are doing amazing, kuddos' to you and Brian.
Hope to see you soon after our vacation.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Shannon! I can't believe their weights! I'm totally not surprised about their language and development though, they're bright girls! But it's always nice to hear, right!?! By the way, love your new blog design!
Hope to see you guys soon,
Angela, Chris, Katie, Mimi & Coco

23wktwinsmommy said...

yaaay! Great news! So good you found a pedi who listens too!

tbonegrl said...

The best thing is having a pedi that listens. How wonderful to hear such good news!