Thursday, September 20, 2007


The other day I came across a blog about two former preemie girl's and a little boy born at 23 weeks just two weeks ago. This mother described her daughter's as both having CP and that her 23 week old son was in hospital fighting for his life. This woman's story broke my heart and also brought back many unpleasant memories of my own children's NICU stay. I had been so intrigued by this woman's strength to be raising two special needs children and having another preemie fight for life, that I added a link to her blog on mine.

This morning I read a comment left on my blog by another mother (claiming to be a former preemie mom) and when I went over to her blog, her story sounded very similar to the one I had just added a few days ago. Only her story consisted of a set of twin girl's, a one year old son, and a two week old daughter fighting for her life in the NICU. She discusses how her twin girl's and son all have GJ feeding tubes, how her son will be blind by the age of three, and how her most recent preemie in NICU is fighting off an infection, is vented, had a chest tube placed, as well as a PIC line.

Seeing as these stories sounded so similar and their blogs are very new, I decided to do some investigating myself. I was told that this woman is a FAKE and she has recently joined a support group for former preemie moms who have children with CP. I am absolutely outraged that someone would do this! Having a preemie is not a joke. Having a child with a disability, is not a joke. It is an experience for us parents of former preemies that is horrifying to say the least. Reading her description of her child fighting for their life brings back a lot of unpleasant memories for myself and I'm sure a lot of other mother's.

People like this should be ashamed of themselves! Of all the things they could be doing with obviously a lot of spare time, they choose to "mock" as I see it, an experience that none of us ask for. But one that we all still re-live on a daily basis.

I have removed the link to this blog, and hope I never come across this again!!

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Kathryn said...

I am so with you here Shannon. It is a horrible thing to do. It is unbelievable that someone could think this is at all funny or something to mock. Human nature at it's worst.

23wktwinsmommy said...

That is do you know she is a fake? If she is a fake she is a very pathetic person to create lies for attention. Wow.

Shannon said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Hi --
I found your link through the "fake mom's" blog (which I found through Holland and Eden's blog). I don't normally go posting on the blogs of people I don't know, but I want to thank you for posting on the "fake" blog. I'm a mom who also blogs, and I found the fake blog so very, very disturbing. Such a weird, mean thing to do. It's so heartening, though, to see that so many other nice people took the blogger to task!!! Always nice to realize there are more nice, caring people in the world than people like the fake mom!! Your daughters are adorable, by the way!!

baby james said...

They need a HOBBY! I can't believe this, I have to find time to sit here and update my blog and read about my other fellow blogging mom's days. I have another mom who's pictures were being taken of her daughter and being used on her own page. What a strange world we live in. Good detecive work on your part, is there blogging police, to report to... Tracy

Anonymous said...

Shannon, this is so hard to believe! I read her blog from the link on yours, and my gut said something just wasn't right with it. Good for you calling her out! Anyway, hope to see you guys soon... Mimi and Coco miss their friends!

Anonymous said...

do you still no the link shannon? if you do can you give it to me because I have been on a blog a commented there and it sounds familiar to this one,

I hate fakers they do not understand what a parent goes through when they're child is disabled I don't know what its like, but I had a premie cousin born at 19 weeks who sadly died as he was to young to survive, and never went through the nicu process