Friday, December 21, 2007

Life is certainly back to normal again around here. The girl's are feeling much better and are back to their silly old way's.
I think over the past two and a half weeks we have managed to watch every Christmas show that has been on television. This truly is a great age. I am having so much fun teaching them about Christmas and what is involved as well as getting to re-live some of my own childhood. Watching these Christmas shows brings me right back to when I was a child, and I remember being so excited for the big day! They are understanding so much more about Christmas than just ripping paper off of boxes. They know that Santa is coming here in a few days and will be dropping off presents under the tree while they sleep. The only thing they haven't grasped yet is exactly how many days. I'm sure that will be next year. The other great thing about them understanding more is I can bribe them now to go for a nap because I keep telling them that "Santa is watching to make sure you have a nap for mommy". Now I just have to figure out what bribe I'm going to use after Christmas.
When I asked them the other day what they thought Santa might leave for them under the tree Avery said fruit snacks and Olivia told me he was going to leave her some raisins. It was very cute. Something I'll have to remember a little later on in life to share with them.
I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law who lives in New Orleans this morning. She shared a little Christmas tradition with me that she and my brother started years back with my nephews. Every year each of my nephews receives three wrapped gifts under the tree along with their stocking. She said it is to symbolize the three gifts from the wise man to Jesus. It is an honor to have three because it shows Santa that they understand the meaning of Christmas. I have been thinking about this all day, and I think I might just start the same tradition around here. Especially since buying for two can become very expensive! Thanks for the tip Connie, now all I need is a tip on how to get both of them to behave at Christmas mass this year!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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BusyLizzyMom said...

Bring them their requested gifts from Santa (raisins and fruit bites) at church a busy mouth is a quiet mouth.
Elizabeth has told me that Santa is bringing Lightening McQueen (Cars Movie) race car as well his friend Mator the Tow Truck. She is a true girl.
Have a great holiday, the girls will have so much fun.

Shannon said...

Oh I love it!!! How bribing would be a wonderful thing for me around here with Ashton! LOL Maybe next year!!!

I am so happy to see that everyone is feeling better and they are back to their cute little selves!!

That is really neat what your SIL does for is always nice to have little traditions that will be carried on.....

abby said...

I'm glad to see that everyone is feeling better in your home. And the girls look SOOOO cute; I hope that next year I can convince my non-napping princess that she needs to nap for Santa's sake (never mind that she's Jewish---everyone should believe in Santa Claus!)