Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Not much time for a complete update on the girl's, once again they have decided that they do not need a nap. They have been doing lots of new and exciting things which I will update everyone on soon, I promise!
This weekend was Daddy's birthday. We spent a quiet day at home and then the four of us all went out for a nice dinner.
Helping Daddy open his Birthday presentA little Birthday kiss for DaddyShowing everyone how much she loves her DaddyHelping Daddy blow out the Birthday candles

One of Brian's birthday requests was that we take the girl's to see the Monster Trucks in Toronto. I have to admit I really wasn't crazy about the whole thing. All I kept thinking was how loud it would be as well as all the germs floating around. I finally gave in, but the agreement was that they could go only if we got them proper ear plugs to wear to block out some of the noise. On our way down we stopped to pick some up and they worked great!

To my surprise the girl's had a blast! They weren't scared at all by the loud trucks. For the past couple of days they keep asking to go back and see the "Big Trucks" so I guess this means when Monster Trucks return next year, we will too.

Avery sporting her cool earplugs

Daddy & his girl's

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Everyone looks like they had a great time at Monster Truck. I'm so glad that you thought about the ear plugs. I do remember how loud those huge trucks are. It is very apparent that Daddy's daughters love him so very much. "Happy Birthday again "Daddy". It looks like everyone enjoyed. Did Mommy bake the cake? Talk to you soon.

Love Grandma & Grandpa

Shannon said...

Happy birthday Brian!!! (belated)

Love all the pics! I would love to go to the monster trucks with Ashton...he is going to be doing ALOT when we get out of here!!!

Looks like someone wouldn't share her daddy with anyone! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brian,

Looks like the four of you had a blast.

Nothings better than a homemade cake.

The girls are so Cute!!

I can't believe how long the girls hair is getting.

BusyLizzyMom said...

Happy belated b-day to Brian. Elizabeth's boyfriend Owen was at the monster trucks too. Next year we will have to take Elizabeth.
We will see you soon.

Vickie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brian! Looks like Olivia and Avery are Daddy's Girls :)