Monday, March 24, 2008

We hope everyone had a great Easter. This year Brian & I had an absolute blast getting the girl's Easter bags ready, and hiding all the Easter eggs for them. We decided to keep the eggs at eye level because although we knew the girl's were excited for the egg hunt, we didn't know whether or not if they would look under things for their eggs from the Easter bunny. Of course we were wrong! As soon as they saw their baskets and the eggs that were left on the stairs, they were off!! Especially Olivia, she was looking everywhere for Easter eggs. Under cushions, behind doors. We now know that we will have to get a little more creative for next year.Here they are showing off all their Easter goodies After the Easter egg hunt was over we all got ready to head over to Baka & Dida's house for Easter dinner and of course another egg hunt.
I was only able to get Avery in a picture with her Easter dress on because Olivia was just not co-operating with me on having to wear a dress. She actually threw a tantrum and the went to hide behind her slide and would not come out. After a little bribing on my part, she finally agreed to come out. The deal was that as soon as we got to Baka's house she could take her dress off. It worked but she still refused to take a picture.
As you can see by the time we got to Baka's house, the next Easter egg hunt was on as soon as we walked through the door, and she forgot all about the deal we had made at home about her dress.Not only did the Easter bunny bring chocolate eggs to Baka's house, he also brought some new princess dresses.
Lately the girl's LOVE to dress up. Every morning after breakfast we come up stairs put in a CD and dance around for about an hour. Before I start the music they have to be dressed up from head to toe in what they call their "wedding dresses". Especially Avery. She is obsessed with anything that has to do with a princess, ballet, Barbie, dancing, and singing. A true little girl.
Olivia enjoys getting dressed up too but not as much as Avery. She will at least dance to the music in whatever she is wearing, while Avery on the other hand will make me stop the music until she feels she has enough of my clothes on her to dance around in. The real funny part about her having this fascination is that even when the music stops she still continues to wear all these clothes around the house for the entire day!

Two little princesses
Waiting for her Prince...

Who at this point is Daddy!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Those are some of the cutest pictures to-date. They are such classics. They both looked like they were having a ball. How exciting for you and Brian to be watching all of this happening. Absolutely loved each and every one of them. Can't wait to see them both. Just a few more weeks at this point. Love to all....

Mom & Dad

Vickie said...

Very cute pics, sound like you had a great Easter!

BusyLizzyMom said...

What sweet princesses! I am sure the girls had a ball looking for their eggs. I love how each year they get so much more out of it and how excited they get. Elizabeth loves dressing up too but once she is dressed she wants to play with her cars, she loves taking her race car for a walk in the baby stroller.
Have a wonderful time away, the girls will have a ball being spoiled while you are gone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Your girls are at the exact same stage as Adele, dressing up as a Princess and dancing around and she knows the names of all the princesses lol
I see little Allen in Avery and Olivia, you probably hear that all the time.


Shannon said...

You had me laughing about the dress fit with Olivia ....they looked very sweet in their dresses though :)

I am glad you guys had a great Easter....hope to see you all soon

Betsy said...

Your daughters are beautiful! I have a friend in the hospital, 25 weeks pregnant with twin girls. Her membranes have ruptured (with one of the babies, and she's currently in the hospital) and I am going to pass your blog along to her to read, but also wondered if you had any other great blogs that she could read that would help her without being overwhelming and scary right now? Thanks!