Thursday, July 03, 2008

I can hardly believe that this is our second long weekend this summer and we managed to escape any sickness. Last year it seemed like every time a long weekend would roll around the girl's ended up sick.
This year the girl's and I hung out while daddy took in four days of fishing with the boys. Even though I am home with them all day, it was nice to have them all to myself. We spent lots of time outside (when it wasn't raining) and lots of time shopping (when it was raining). At night we all cuddled up on the couch together with a big blanket and a big bowl of popcorn.
Rylie all cuddled up in our blanket. Avery decided to cover him in her blankie. TOO CUTE!
On Sunday Grandma & Grandpa came down for a visit, so of course we left Grandpa at home with the dogs and headed out to do some more shopping! Grandma bought the girl's a new Dora bowling game which they LOVE! I've had to put it away a few times due to the lack of sharing on Olivia's part.
Lot's of cuddles for GrandpaOn Tuesday Brian was home just before noon so after feeding the girl's lunch we took them over to Riverside park for some Canada Day celebrations. These by far are my favorite pictures. Avery actually got up the nerve to join her sister in some fun on the rides! We didn't even have to talk her into this she told us she was going on the car ride. She didn't want to participate in anything else after that which was fine with us, we were just so proud that she finally joined in and realized it's not as scary as she thought it might be.
Two hot chicks in a convertible, look out boys!
As most people know our little Livi is up for anything. After the ride in the car she wanted to take a ride on the motorcycles. About a minute into this ride Brian & I realized that she was probably a bit too small for it. She stayed on quite a long time but then realized herself it was time to come off. The man running the ride noticed her getting a little scared so he stopped the ride right away and got her off. Jumping in the bouncy castle!!Does this surprise you? Mommy having to sit with Avery while Olivia jumped all over.
Avery & daddy on the merry go round
Riding the Riverside Express!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are so awesome!!!!! You all look like you had such a fun day at the Park...So glad that Avery got in the car with Olivia. The smile on her face says it all. Maybe this is all she needs at the moment. The motorcycle did look a little bit on the large side for Olivia. Enjoy your busy weekend and we will see you soon.
Grandpa sends his love from New Orleans. He will be back on Monday.

Love - Grandma