Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is exactly what we all needed this past long weekend. Two weeks ago my family was hit with not one, but two deaths in our family in less than 48 hours. So needless to say I needed to have some fun just as much as the girl's did.
We spent our Saturday of the long weekend with Elizabeth, Angi & Ivan at Marineland and had a great time. We didn't go on all the rides but we did manage to get on quite a few. Avery even joined us for all of them. After some she said " I don't like that ride" and the others her response was "that was fun!" both girl's had a great time, they fed lots of different animals. First was the deers...
Then all three girl's made a new friend. A little fuzzy caterpillar crawling around the ground caught their attention. I am not too sure if the little guy survived his new friends or not. Something tells me he may not have. These girl's were not afraid of him at all.
This year both girl's got to enjoy feeding the Beluga Whales. Last year Olivia slept through it. Again they both loved it! Since our trip to Marineland, Olivia has role played it over and over again, and if I don't get it right by her instructions she is very quick to correct me.
On Sunday we had some more fun meeting up with some of my cousins and their kids for a picnic. The girl's had a blast hanging out with their cousins at the splash pad and park. They even experienced fishing for the very first time.
Both girl's caught a fish and were very proud of themselves. Olivia was so proud that she walked around and around showing everyone her fish. Needless to say all the handling of her prize fish didn't have a very good end result. She was really good about it and decided she would give her fish to the seagulls for a snack. Later I over heard her trying to convince her cousin Bryce to give her his fish. It was very cute.
Avery was also proud of her catch but wasn't as excited about holding it as Olivia was. She would hold it until it wiggled a little and then she would fling it away. Hers was quick to expire so again, the seagulls had another easy snack thrown their way.

Olivia and cousin Bryce showing off their catch. All the cousins posing for a picture with their fish. Except Avery!!

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BusyLizzyMom said...

We had a great time at Marineland. Elizabeth was so happy to see the girls. We will have to arrange another playdate soon, I guess we will be picking apples in no time.

Shannon said...

Great pictures!! I love the girls bathing suits, so cute!!

Had me laughing at the looks like they had such a great time!

We really need to get to Marineland one day...maybe next summer...

Anonymous said...

They look like they had so much fun!

They looked so cute when they were feeding the deer.

We were at Marineland just 4 days after you and the Beluga's were a big hit with Cole as well.

We really need to get together!