Saturday, September 06, 2008

I Remember...
As if it were yesterday. I remember her smell, how tiny she was, the way she felt when I cuddled her. I remember how scared, nervous, and excited we were. It remember it was the first day of school for many kids.
Tuesday September 6th 2005. I finally got to bring my Avery home after 3 months. No doctors, no nurses, no tests, no monitors. Just Avery.
This was Avery & Olivia today. They enjoyed a morning of ballet dancing, giggles, and just being a kid.
Aren't they just so darn cute!!!!

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Lexi & Tori said...

They look soooo cute in their ballet outfits.

Anonymous said...

OMG Shannon! They are sooooo adorable!!!! This really makes me want to get Mimi and Coco into ballet!! I'll show them the picture, and maybe they'll want to try it!


Anonymous said...

OMG - They are so adorable.....
How cute is this picture. Please have one blown up for Grandma and Grandpa (make that 2) have to have one for Florida. See you all very soon.

Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

I love them in their tutus. They DO look adorable!