Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Making ice cream sundaes is another favorite in our house. The girls love making their own sundaes with all their favorite toppings. Right now their favorite topping is little candy hearts for Valentine's Day and Nestle strawberry syrup which usually goes in milk but is also really good on ice cream. Little chocolate chips and sprinkles of any colour are also a must have in our house!

Showing off their masterpiece!!

When all the ice cream has been consumed it usually takes at least a half an hour to clean up the teeny tiny sprinkles that make their way across the kitchen. Well, that's if the girls don't find them on the floor first which has always boggled my mind. Why is it that a child will not eat the majority of their food at the table but yet they have no problem eating off the kitchen floor?

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Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy.....
It's a good thing that Grandpa wasn't there or there wouldn't have been any masterpieces left to show off. He "Loooooves" Ice Cream. LOL....See you soon Princesses.
Love Grandma and Grandpa